Water Heating in your Home The Solar WaySolar Heating in the UK

Solar panel technology is now very well-developed and the solar panels absorb energy from the sun even on cloudy days, as the technology does not rely on sunlight but on diffused solar radiation so it can work efficiently in our UK climate. The panels will obviously not work at night.

The panels are most effective between the months of May and September. The best position for the panels is facing south (within 30 degrees in either direction) and a roof slope of between 25 and 70 degrees, although panels pointing within 70 degrees of south on a roof slope of between 10 and 90 degrees can still achieve 90% efficiency.

The solar panels may not work on some days during the winter months so another heating system is needed as a backup. This can be a conventional boiler or another form of renewable energy.

Typically, a well-designed hot water solar heating system should provide approximately 50-60% of your domestic hot water heating needs averaged throughout the year. This provides a worthwhile saving in energy costs and is helping the environment.

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Water Heating in your Home The Solar Way