How to work out the price for a new Orangery?

In order to do this, you first have to settle on the basic design style & size. The bigger and more ornate you want to make your Orangery, the more it is going to cost to build it.

How Much Does An Orangery Cost?A lot of Orangeries have lantern roofs and brick pillars in the side walls. These design aspects are costly to include, so you may want to look at a design that has full glass sides and fewer pillars, such as a Loggia style orangery.

Pre-construction costs also need to be taken into account. Areas such as planning permission need to be addressed very early on in the process, because you could have the local authority order you to remove the building if you construct it without planning permission when it should have had it approved beforehand.

Some outbuildings may also require you to go through the neighbor consultation program – but its always good to speak with your neighbors about your upcoming plans so that if they are going to object, you know in advance.

For more detailed information about how much an orangery costs, you should check out this website:

How Much Does An Orangery Cost?
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